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In-An-Instant Fundraising Sheet Front


We hear it all the time.

"Fundraising with you was so easy!"

How to Fundraise with Us

- STEP 1 -

Contact us.

Email us at

- STEP 2 -

Tell us how many forms to ship.

Each form looks like the picture above, on the backside is room for 22 orders.

(feel free to copy the order side for those power-sellers)

- STEP 3 -

Launch your fundraiser!

When you're ready to launch you will simply hand out your fundraising order forms to all your participating members. They will collect the orders and payments in the forms you accept. You then return the order forms to us with the payment less $10 per sign. No more waiting for a check at the end of your fundraisers.

- STEP 4 -

We create the artwork.

We customize each order with the personalization that was provided by your customers on the order sheets.

- STEP 5 -

We mail back to you for distribution.

Each order is bagged separately with the original order sheet placed with care on top for maximum efficiency while distributing.

- STEP 6 -

You Organization is already PAID!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Get in Touch

Submit your information below and we will get back to you shortly with further details.

Thanks for submitting your information. We'll be in touch shortly to answer all your questions and get you started with the next steps. Thanks!

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