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Painting Your Custom PVC Sign

Do you have questions about how to further customize your new Red Mill PVC sign? Let us help you out. The right paint and materials can turn your custom sign into a colorful work of art, and it is something you can do yourself!

What is PVC?

Before getting into the DIY painting process for PVC, let’s define the material the sign is made of. PVC is a lightweight plastic material that can be easily carved and customized. PVC is an affordable and durable option for both indoor or outdoor signage. PVC signs can be painted using a particular type of paint and other materials.

PVC Painting Materials

Before you begin painting your sign, you will need to prep it. In order for the right paint to adhere to the sign, be sure that you are working with a clean surface free of all debris. Use alcohol wipes to prep the surface and clear away any residue on the sign itself. Next, sand all surfaces you intend to paint with a fine-grit sandpaper. Once your surface has been sanded, you will need to apply a paint made specifically for adhering to plastics. There are a few options for this type of paint available both in spray-on and paint-on formulas.

Things to Keep in Minds When Painting Your Sign

  • When you are painting the PVC material, multiple coats may be needed depending on the color you are applying to the sign and the use for the sign itself. The white color of the PVC is a great base for all colors and typically yields vibrant results.

  • Signs that will be outdoors may require professional paint jobs with specific materials and paints that can hold up to the elements. Though PVC itself is naturally resistant to environmental damage, moisture, and deterioration, the paint you apply at home may not be as sturdy when left outdoors.

  • Indoor signs are ideal for at-home paint jobs because they are exposed to far less wear and tear throughout their lifetime.

  • A single color is the easiest way to apply paint, especially in spray form, but in certain circumstances, you may want to use multiple colors. We recommend masking or covering the areas you do not want the paint to adhere to and only exposing the area you want that color applied. Once that section has dried, you can remove the covering and continue this process with the additional colors.

  • Touchups may be needed after the paint has fully dried. Keep some additional paint handy even after the project is complete in case you need to apply more. Certain lighting can show skips or areas that need a second coat of paint.

Customized Signs For Every Occasion

Interested in your own custom PVC sign? Check out our latest designs, and reach out to us if you have something specific in mind! We love working with our customers to make their ideas come to life.

For more information on painting your PVC signs, contact us today to discuss your options.


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